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A three-year double-blind placebo-controlled study with specific oral immunotherapy to ermatophagoides: Evidence of safety and efficacy in pediatric patients

Safety and efficacy evaluation of sublingual allergen-specific immunotherapy a retroospecitve, multicenter study

The jıurnal of allergy and clinical immunology

Sublingual allergen-specific immunotherapy in allergic rhinitis and related pathologies: Efficacy in a paediatric population

Long-term and preventive effects of sublingual allergen-specific immunotherapy: A retrospective, multicentric study

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Short-term preseasonal pollen allergoid immunotherapy in the casual therapy of allergic asthma in children: A prospective, randomized controlled trial

Kurzzeitimmuntherapie mit allergoiden - Ergebnisse einer prospektiven, offenen studie in der allergologischen praxis

Twelve-year follow-up after dicontinuation of preseasonal grass pollen immunotherapy childhood

The effects of grass pollen allergoid immunotherapy on clinical and immunological parameters in children with allergic rhinitis

Additional benefit of a third year of specific grass pollen allergoid immunotherapy in patients with seasonal allergic rhinitis

Spezifische Immuntheraple

Barcelona 7-11 June 2008 / XXVII Congress of the European Academy of Allergology and clinical immunology

Allergovit Short Term Long Term Endversion

Specific immunotherapy with allergoids: Effective, safe and long-lasting

Efficacy and safety of preseasonal-specific immunotherapy with an aluminium-adsorbed six-grass pollen allergoid

CC-chemokine eotaxin as a marker of efficacy of specific immunotherapy in patients with intermittent IgE-mideated allergic rhinoconjunctivitis

Long-term efficacy of preseasonal grass pollen immunotherapy in children

Effects of birch pollen-specific immunotherapy on apple allergy in birch pollen-hypersentive paients

Monitoring allergen immunotheraph pf pollen-allergic patients: The ratio of allergen-specific IgG4 to IgG1 correlates with clinical outcome

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Allergen-specific conventional immunotherapy decreases immunoglobulin E-madiated basophil histamine releasability

How long does the effect of birch pollen injection SIT on apple allergy last?

Safty of subcutaneous specific immunotherapy with pollen allergen extracts for respiratory allergy

Successful specific subcutaneous immunotherapy (SCIT) with non-modified semi-depot pollen and mite preparations

XXVI Congress of the european academy of allergology and clinical immunology Göteborg 9-13 June 2007

Allergovit (Otlar) ile yüksek doz hipoallerjenik aşılama: Kısa dönem tedavi - Uzun dönem etkinlik

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Efficacy and safety of immunotherapy for allergies to Alternaria alternata in children