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- Significant reductions in symptoms have been documented by scientific studies. (1,2)

- 93% of ALLERGOCOVER users rated the sleep quality as good. (2)

- In Germany, 77% of consumers buying protective covers have preferred ALLERGOCOVER. (3)

(1) Brehler R, Kniest F. Allergy Clin Immunol Int - J World Allergy Org 2006;18:15-19. (2) Müller-Scheven D, et al. Allergologie 1998;21:534-540.z (3) Nielsen: Marktanteile Apotheke und Apothekenversand MAT 9/2013.

LLERGOCOVER is a high-tech product that can completely cover the bed, quilt and pillows, thus preventing the allergen from coming into contact with humans.