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Allergo İlaç, was founded in 1990, is the market leader in the field of allergy protection, skin prick tests and allergy vaccines, in Turkey. Allergo İlaç has been working more than 27 years to increase its contribution to human healthcare. It is our main principle to introduce all of our products to the branch doctors and lead them with prescription. Allergo İlaç has never made concessions from scientific perspective and always keep human health at the forefront.

The name of ‘’Allergo’’ comes into existence from words of ‘’Allergy’’ and ‘’ergonomic’’ which refers more comfortable and better quality life conditions.

Allergopharma was founded in 1969, İn Germany and it has been an advanced company in the field of allergy tests and vaccines. Allergopharma is a leader in the production of hypoallergenic vaccines. Allergopharma has made many technological and scientific advances in the field of allergy and immunity.

Allergopharma provides great contributions to the development of Type-1 allergy treatment through sponsorships, funds and awards for scientific projects. Allergopharma is the first company in the world that produce allergy vaccines by using recombinant gene technology.